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Sava Insurance Company, together with its employees and market network, serves not only the entire Slovenian market but also extends its reach to the Croatian market. Through the Smart Arena app, we deliver a high-quality and engaging educational experience to thousands of geographically dispersed employees.

Jasna Orešič

Head of Employee Development Group at HR Department

At Merkur, we use Smart Arena for the purpose of spreading knowledge that employees need and must receive in real-time and in a format that is quickly 'digestible'. We achieve this with 'bites of knowledge', with which employees can gain knowledge in just four minutes during work, enabling them to work more efficiently and productively. 

Robert Rajterič

Sales Manager

At T-2, we are enthusiastic users of the Smart Arena e-learning platform. Thanks to Smart Arena, we have enhanced the flow of information and updates within the company, elevated employees' knowledge levels, and most importantly, streamlined access to knowledge for all employees in branches and other units across Slovenia.

Jakup Mujakić

Head of HR Department

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