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Smart Arena LMS: your complete, 360° learning solution

A dynamic, AI-powered platform for comprehensive learning, offering automated course editing, scheduling, and detailed analytics, tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

smart arena lms

Smart Arena - a pioneer of dynamic learning

With more than 15 years of experience, Smart Arena stands as the premier learning management choice among top companies in the region.

It offers an all-encompassing solution for all your corporate needs,
facilitating the effortless creation of AI-powered content, automated course management, and comprehensive analysis.

Integrations for seamless platform connectivity

With Smart Arena, you can quickly and easily integrate all your business systems into one convenient learning environment.

Educating your partners, employees, and customers - the ultimate way.

A complete LMS solution for conducting comprehensive learning at all company levels. Full support for all the training you need. Achieve top results easily and worry-free.

Optimized business growth through advanced improvements and training, leveraging artificial intelligence.

Smart Arena LMS automates the preparation of individual learning paths, monitors analytics, and adapts these paths based on performance.

It aligns employees' learning needs with your business goals, ensuring that as your employees develop and grow, your company does too.

Create a culture of learning with social learning

Go beyond the limits of formal training by incorporating social learning and content creation into an LMS that promotes productivity and allows your colleagues to shine in their fields of expertise.

Integrate Smart Arena with your backend systems

Smart Arena supports integrations with other applications and services in your organization, such as CRM, ERP, and email. API integration enables easy data exchange between different programs in real-time, giving you better control over your learning.

Work faster and smarter with artificial intelligence

Let AI do the work for you with useful content suggestions and quick translations. Make your employees self-sufficient and their learning paths even more personalized, giving you time to focus on important strategies for your company.

Successful companies in the region use Smart Arena.

Frequently asked questions about Smart Arena LMS

Smart Arena enables easy integration and connectivity with other systems. It supports integration via API, SSO capabilities, and compatibility with leading HRM and ERP systems, ensuring an efficient user experience. 

A Learning Management System is a software application that allows organizations to deliver, track, and manage learning in their organization. Smart Arena offers a comprehensive LMS that enables companies to streamline their training processes, engage their employees, and monitor their performance, ensuring effective and successful learning experiences.

Yes. Smart Arena allows you to access training anywhere and anytime, including on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Smart Arena features a responsive design that adapts to the screen size you're using, providing a wonderful user experience.

Smart Arena LMS fully supports 10 languages as well as supports content creation in any language, thereby adapting to all your learning programs, providing accessibility to all your employees, and ensuring the best online training and materials for achieving the learning objectives of your employees, customers, and partners.

Yes! At Smart Arena, we help you transfer content from your old LMS system and enrich it as needed. Additionally, we'll assist you in setting everything up, including your existing content, API connections, and plugins during the implementation process.

The package includes 30Gb of cloud storage space for free, which is sufficient for all your learning needs.

At Smart Arena, we take data security and privacy very seriously. Our LMS is built on a secure infrastructure, and we use advanced encryption technologies to protect your sensitive data. We are also fully compliant with international data privacy regulations, such as GDPR, to protect the data and privacy of your organization.

Yes. Our SSO connection allows for easy implementation of integrations with your organization's authentication provider.