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AI-supported content creation

Unlock the potential of Smart Arena AI to produce high-quality content for your courses in record time. Utilize advanced artificial intelligence to overcome the challenges of LMS implementation, with our AI solution handling the demanding task of content creation.

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Creating an hour of content can require dozens of hours of work.

What if it could be done in just a few minutes?

Transform knowledge into high-quality and engaging content

Automatically transform internal or external knowledge sources and content into concise, engaging learning pills in various formats. Swiftly import your prepared material and enhance it with interactive elements, testing, and certification.

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Streamline content updates and translations

Keep your content up-to-date with versioning. Leverage artificial intelligence for automatic translations and publish multilingual content in mere minutes.

Easily create engaging content

Effortlessly create custom content for your company with just a few clicks using an AI-supported intuitive interface, which you can quickly learn to use within hours with assistance from our support team. Deliver personalized content to employees and distribute it easily with smart learning management tools.

Seamless delivery of learning

Access content on Smart Arena via any platform or channel you use for learning, streamline the training access process for your employees, foster their growth and enhance productivity.

Aljaž Sečnjak

HR Manager BSH Adriatic

At BSH Home Appliances Ltd. Nazarje, we decided to digitize the process of onboarding for new employees. We are happy with the solution provided by Smart Arena, as their product helped us optimize a very important process of theoretical introduction of new colleagues. We saved on internal resources and simultaneously increased employee satisfaction.

Jakup Mujakić

Head of HR Department

At T-2, we are enthusiastic users of the Smart Arena platform. We are pleased that with the help of Smart Arena, we can prepare enjoyable, interactive, and employee-friendly educational courses. Thanks to Smart Arena, we have enhanced the flow of information and updates within the company, elevated employees' knowledge levels, and most importantly, streamlined access to knowledge for all employees in branches and other units across Slovenia.

Create your first content in minutes!


The short answer is none! Mastering the creation of content in Smart Arena LMS takes about 1 hour. After that, you're halfway to creating individualized content for your colleagues, employees, customers, or partners. When you upload your source material to Smart Arena, most of the work is done by the platform instead of you, and you can enrich it with additional interactive elements if necessary.

No! Smart Arena LMS allows you to create an unlimited number of content every month. Contact our experts to learn more about our pricing plans.

Definitely! Smart Arena is designed to meet the unique needs of different industries and departments. Our platform offers access to our advanced authoring tool, allowing you to produce custom learning for various professional areas within your organization.

Custom content creation gives you access to experts collaborating with Smart Arena, with whom you can co-create tailored content. You can also create and add any content yourself – its production is quick and simple!

Our customer support team is always available to assist with any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to providing a flawless experience from start to finish and will work closely with you to resolve any issues.

Smart Arena LMS helps you create appealing content based on source materials such as case studies, articles, PowerPoint presentations, or other content in .pdf format.