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Comprehensive insights into the impact of your training

Our platform's sophisticated analytics and statistical tools offer personalized feedback, helping employees understand their strengths and areas for improvement. This fosters a growth mindset and encourages ongoing development.

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Leverage learning data for company-wide growth

Merge your training data and KPIs with other business metrics for an expanded view of analysis, enabling faster discovery of insights and enhanced decision-making.

Integrate learning data into your backend systems

Utilize our analytics module to track the education of employees within your organization. Identify learning trends, statuses, and educational phases, measure performance, and gain insights into employee development through comprehensive analysis.

Comprehensive analytics at your fingertips.

Don't drown in the sea of unorganized data. Our platform streamlines your access to the data you need, offering advanced filtering and analysis capabilities for strategic employee education planning.

Prove that learning is a strategic investment

Smart Arena LMS seamlessly integrates with your company's backend system via API. Effortlessly synchronize advanced analytics data and align user accounts from your internal directory for automatic activation or deactivation of training programs.

"We've been utilizing the Smart Arena platform for our professional technical training since 2017. The platform hosts over 300 of our own courses utilized by both our employees and customers. It offers an extremely simple way to update our user base and monitor user activities through the export of various statistical data."

Jože Kancilija

 Head of Knowledge Management Center

Prove your L&D strategies are are essential for your company's development.


The platform offers a wide range of statistical and analytical features, including completion rates of courses, time spent on each course, tracking of individual progress, quiz results, and overall engagement levels. These features enable you to assess the effectiveness of your training programs and identify areas for improvement.
Yes,Smart Arena allows you to create custom reports by selecting specific data points, filters, and time frames. You can also export these reports in various formats (e.g., PDF, CSV, Excel) for further analysis or to share with stakeholders.
Absolutely! Our platform enables you to segment and compare data across different groups within your organization, such as departments, teams, or locations. This feature helps you identify best practices, detect trends, and accurately pinpoint areas that require additional attention or resources.
Our platform monitors user engagement through metrics such as the number of accesses to courses or learning materials, duration of each session, and frequency of interactions within the platform. These insights can help you determine which courses are the most engaging and effective, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your training programs.

Yes, the educational statistics from Smart Arena are compatible with other analytics tools used by your company. You can integrate data from Smart Arena LMS into your existing analytics or reporting tool, thus combining and comparing data from various sources for a comprehensive insight into the education and growth of your employees.