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Smart Arena

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Easy content creation and course management, effortles conduct of all mandatory training, advanced control over users' progress with transparent statistics, and access to over 400 courses from the leading experts in the region.

Our story

Trusted by more than 110 of top companies in the region.

It started with an idea

Smart Arena was born from a simple, yet powerful idea: to provide companies in the region with a robust, user-friendly learning management system that meets their unique needs.

We identified a gap in the market for a localized solution that could drive growth and development in regional companies. Through tireless dedication and innovative thinking, Smart Arena has emerged as the platform of choice for leading companies in the region, providing a diverse range of courses and resources tailored to nurture talent and foster success.

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We have achieved astonishing growth

Since our inception, Smart Arena has experienced exponential growth. Our journey began with a handful of companies that recognized the potential of our platform, and today, we are proud to be the preferred learning management system for the largest companies in the region.

With over 150.000 users and an ever-growing library of professionally designed courses, our platform has become an essential tool for companies looking to upskill their workforce and stay at the forefront in their field.

Our commitment

We have been and always will be committed to creating quality products that help people navigate the challenging transition to a better, technology-enhanced world.

Our values

Smart Arena embodies the essence of six core values, reflected in everything we do – from our colleagues and partners to our final product. We believe in creating excellent relationships and products and strongly advocate for the philosophy that technology can inspire a better future.


A straightforward and clear way of communication is part of our DNA. We approach daily tasks simply and without bureaucracy, with a problem-solving attitude.


We are a team of passionate, proactive individuals, and we believe in empowering people. Taking responsibility is how we grow and develop as individuals.


We care for each other and work ethically, recognizing daily efforts and celebrating our goals. We strengthen diversity, equality, and inclusion.


We encourage people to persistently and instinctively seek new or existing solutions, question them, and use them to make more informed decisions.


We like to experiment and look for new ways to improve processes. As innovators, we must always think positively and progressively.


Partnering with our customers means understanding their needs and finding solutions. We are driven by the constant endeavor to make a real measurable impact on their business, as well as on them as individuals.

Trust in change, trust in Smart Arena.