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A treasure trove of knowledge at your fingertips

Smart Arena Library is an online education portal that includes an exceptional library of more than 400 courses prepared by renowned lecturers. Regardless of the field or interest, you will surely find a course that will help your team reach its full potential. Attract, develop, and retain the best employees with an exceptional library of courses from top lecturers in the region.


A wide selection of ready-to-use content

With the help of a library of more than 400 courses from the best lecturers on the market, you can cater to the diverse needs of your users. Individualized learning paths, automatically generated based on the competency gaps of your employees, will ensure their development and help them reach their full potential.

Empower your company for the future

Our comprehensive solution helps you identify and align the diverse needs of your workforce with various educational content strategies, from micro-learning to deep transformative training.

Everything you need for your team's progress in one place

Manage access to the content your users want or need with just a few clicks, and track their activity in one place. Monitor their progress, inform them about novelties, and report on the company's successes. Ensure that your employees always have access to the necessary knowledge when they need it through dynamic adjustment of automated individual learning paths.

Automated creation of learning paths and in-depth analysis of individual performance

The creation of individual learning paths relies on automatically identifying gaps in competencies. Smart Arena LMS automatically enrolls users in suitable courses and sends them reminders and vital information about their training progress as necessary. Advanced analytics facilitate the continuous adjustment of learning paths to address knowledge deficiencies and evolving job requirements.

"Observing my progress and accessing course materials wherever I am is an incredible feeling of satisfaction that I recommend to anyone who is looking for new opportunities and has a desire for improvement!"

Jasna Orešič

Head of Employee Development Group at HR Department